Welcome to Goose Creek Airport (28a) Home of "Greater Carolina's Aviation"




So you ask yourself why choose Greater Carolina's Aviation at Goose Creek Airport (28A)? Hopefully our rates and a few good solid reasons as to why to choose Greater Carolina's Aviation and Goose Creek Airport, but no matter who you choose, we are glad to see that you have endeavored to learn to fly as you will never regret it.

1. We are conveniently located for most in the Charlotte area.  That said, consistency and convenience are key components when learning to fly, saving money by saving in overall time needed as you stay consistent, with the benefit of a very competitive rate.

2. Some of the best piloting skills to develop are the Short-field Take-off and Landing techniques. Most flight schools walk you through the steps and pay lip-service to the procedure. At Goose Creek, you learn to land verses just make the landing. The challenge can seem daunting at first, but the confidence you build will make everywhere else seem like a piece of cake. The aircraft we train in are quite capable and safe to fly out of an airport with 2,350 feet of runway.

3. We provide very solid aircraft, professionally maintained, with no short cuts. Our mechanic is located right there next to the flight school always keeping an eye on the planes, which provide us with easy access and faster turn-around times, keeping you flying. 

4. You don't have to show a badge to enter the premises. We offer a far more welcoming environment where you can get up close and personal with the action. You will see people flying all sorts of aircraft, because, at Goose Creek, we love them all. We ask that you check in with the office to provide you with safety and security.

5. Private airports serving the public don't take 100s of millions in tax dollars, we don't take any tax dollars at all. We are just like you, we pay the taxes that normally get wasted in the name of public benefit.


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